Ever wish that you could wave a magic wand and everyone would be respectful, civil, and accommodating?  Do you wonder whether (and how) managing people, situations and behavior with diplomacy, dignity, finesse, tact, and civility, can build stronger relationships?

We show you how these skills inspire customer and employee loyalty, which results in higher levels of performance. 



Our team focuses on you and your team and how to create the bridge between productivity and performance knowing that performance is driven through employee engagement, world-class diplomacy and transformational branding. The more that people are engaged, aligned and working together, they individually and you and your company will grow and prosper more productively than ever before.



Culture is a key business driver and, like other key business drivers, you need to be strategic about its design. Do you have an engaged workforce? Are you able to attract and retain top performers? Can culture be a competitive advantage?

Building a great culture is intentional, it’s fun and it’s rewarding.  Let us show you how to build, enhance or fix your culture.

• We help you and your employees brand themselves.

• We get everyone to operate on the same page sharing the same vision.

• We help you create the common threads that aligns everyone together.



Think of this way. People want their career to grow and/or to simply to add new knowledge and responsibilities. It's not always easy. Others have the same goals, and it can be hard to get noticed, which can impact productivity.

We show you and your employees how to overcome this, how to promote oneself without promoting oneself in your company.

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Meet Our Founding Members

The incomparable Gloria Petersen, an original member of the global tribe, proved once again with her recent presentation that old dogs can learn new tricks. At a recent Lunch and Learn at Global Chamber, Gloria encouraged the active participation of the executives and business owners.

Doug Bruhnke CEO/founder, Global Chamber®

Mary Hall is an expert in her field; her candid and professional approach coupled with her immense knowledge made the training both interesting and fun. She gave us the information we needed to be successful in creating our culture. She’s been instrumental in helping us to integrate our Core Values.

Swanie Saccente Planning & Development, Symmetry Companies

I am pleased to reference for Andy Gray as a skilled presenter and marketer.  With interactive exercises and group activities, Andy kept the group involved and feedback we received was “amazing.” He clearly was able to build relationships with the audience and made them excited about the topic.

Olenka Cullinan CEO, Rising Tycoons

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